About Us
2014 Perfect Game Super25 "Organization of the Year" Award Nominee
2016 Pitch & Hit Club "Len DiForte Amateur Baseball Service Award" Winner


Rhino Baseball was founded in 2012 to professionally foster a program that enables their student-athletes to prepare for their future endeavors; both in sport and life.

What our players can expect from the Rhino program:

  • Speed, strength and agility training
  • Year round training
  • Extensive offseason training


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  • Mental Training
  • Video Analysis (hitting, pitching, fielding)
  • Dedicated, full time, management 
  • Professional instructors and coaches (with MLB, minor league , or college experience)
  • Position specific breakouts and clinics throughout the year
  • Recruiting services to help you achieve your goals of playing at the next level
  • Recruiting videos for our HS players if numbers dictate it
  • High end tournaments 
  • Arm care program involving Cross Over Symmetry; a system featuring protocols for shoulder activation, recovery, plyometric training and scapular strengthening
  • Private facilities that players can access year round
  • Performance testing; to see where your strength and weaknesses are and what we need to do to improve and strengthen them

The management and staff at Rhino Baseball believe that competitive athletics are not only very influential, but also extremely impactful in shaping America’s youth.  Athletics teach student-athletes respect, hard work, discipline, integrity, hope, and teamwork.  Athletics also teach a student-athlete how to appropriately manage both success and failure, as well as provide him/her with the tools to develop into an outstanding leader both on and off the field.

Rhino Baseball believes that student-athletes can and should be the leaders of our communities by representing core values by BEING three things:

  • Responsible. Set your goal, develop your plan, and put forward the effort to achieve your goal.
  • Excellent. Motivate, challenge, and impact everyone that you meet.
  • Proud. Create and show pride in self, program, community, and school.

By adhering to these three core values, you “REP the Rhino.” This creates daily focus for our student-athletes in every arena of their life: physical, mental, relational, and intellectual. The coaches, mentors, and staff of NRSA have a single and unified desire, which is to see our student-athletes be leaders in their communities.  Competitive sport is an opportunity to prepare oneself for the future.  As a Rhino, you will be challenged daily, you will be held accountable for your actions by your coaches and teammates, and you will ultimately be prepared for your future endeavors.