Wade Headrick, Father of Brent Headrick, Class of 2016, Illinois State University

We, the Headrick’s would like to send a sincere thank you to the Rhino Baseball organization for helping our son achieve his dream of becoming a college baseball player while receiving a top notch education.

Our son Brent Headrick is a junior at Reed-Custer High School.

We joined the Rhino Baseball Organization in 2014 as a sophomore. During that time this organization has been a huge asset in our sons recruiting process. When we joined the team we first met with Greg Blaesing, Brian Tehako and Andrew Tehako. During that meeting they conveyed what they expected out of us as parents and Brent as a player.

The first part of the process was signing all the agreements after that was completed we then met Brian to Film a recruiting video of Brent. After the video was edited the process began. We then joined Field Level to help monitor the colleges that were looking at Brent. During this process we were on the 16u north team with Greg as our coach. Greg is a great instructor with all the players, while teaching the game he also taught our son to be a model athlete.  We had a great season, we traveled to several states and played in many tournaments in which scouts were attending.

Rhino Baseball also sent us numerous e-mails on upcoming camps, and or showcases. We attended several of those. During that time Brent was seen by lots of different college coaches and recruiters. Brent went on 7 Division 1 campus tours and received an offer from each school. He made his choice and gave a verbal commitment to Illinois State University in Nov. 2014.

None of this would have been possible without the outstanding help and support from the staff at Rhino Baseball. They promoted him on the field as well as off the field. While going to these showcases, you think it’s just another showcase. However you never know who will be there watching and listening to everything that is going on. On a majority of the college visits we found that we had already met the coaches, not knowing who they were at the time because they were just another fan in the stands.

We were completely new to this process and with the help of the Rhino staff it made it much easier. The key to helping Brian help our son was communication. We let him know where we were going, who we spoke with and what they said. He would then follow up with the coaches. During this entire process he initiated several calls, visits and e-mails between Brent and the coaches.

We were also very fortunate to have Mike Nowak as a trainer.  Mike was the go to guy for any and all fitness questions. He taught them great things about the importance of stretching before games, working out, eating habits and how to prevent injuries. We also set up appointments with Mike for additional strength training that Brent found to be very effective.

We can’t say enough about all the help and support that Rhino Baseball has given our son and us as parents. We are sincerely grateful to have found such a top notch baseball organization.

Thanks for all you have done to help Brent reach his goal!!!!!

Steve Ruf, Father of Drew Ruf

Joining Rhino baseball this year has been an excellent experience. Living in Northwest Indiana and finding a program for our son was no easy task. I can tell you from personal experience, after running my own travel ball team, we could have never matched what Rhino has to offer. 

After a couple years of coaching, we wanted more for our son, and began the search for a new team. We wanted to find a large organization that had a solid program; from 8u to 18u. We had several offers for our son to play on teams that he tried out for, but nothing felt like a step up from where he was at already. So we kept looking and that’s when we heard about Rhino Baseball. A team manager at a particular tryout kept talking about how they wanted to play in more tournaments against Rhino to help prepare them for highly competitive tournaments. That is when I decided to look into Rhino Baseball. Right from the start, after speaking with Andrew and Greg, from Rhino, it just felt right.

Everyone at Rhino has been very nice to my son; making him feel welcomed in a place where he knew absolutely no one. The training in the fall has been fantastic and we have no doubt that our son will be playing a higher level of baseball this year, thanks to the Rhino staff. The knowledge of the Rhino staff is very impressive. I enjoy listening and learning from them as much as our son does. 

Now that we are apart of Rhino baseball, we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. The commitment of driving an hour and a half to practices seems a bit outrageous to most families, but for us, we’re happy to have our kid be a part of a first class organization. If your looking for professional training, with a great facility and first class people, I highly recommend looking into Rhino Baseball!

George Manikas, Father of Georgie Manikas, Class of 2016, Lewis University

The Rhino baseball program is made up of the best of the best in coaching and year round training. The facility is second to none.

All kids that want to experience great baseball training (to learn how to truly play the game) should be involved with the Rhino Baseball program.

Kattie Bottcher & Joe Scafuri, Parents of Matt Bottcher, Class of 2016, University of Illinois at Chicago

Our younger son, Dylan, came to the program in year 1 and Matt came the following year so we've had the luxury of seeing the entire package the program has to offer.  That said, everything the program had promised, has been delivered.   From the development and foundation building in the youth division to the college recruiting in the HS division, we couldn't be more satisfied with the results.   

Brian Tehako was great during the recruiting process with Matt.  Not only did he make sure Matt got the exposure he needed, he also made sure schools knew how hard Matt works at the game not only in practice but outside practice also.

The amount of coaching and instruction is outstanding.  The Fall clinics and winter training along with the 
P2 work is more than a player could ask for, yet the players are still allowed in the facilities to get work in on their own.  And the fact that every so often an email comes out asking for feedback to improve shows the program is serious in offering and being the best.

When Matt made his commitment... Greg, Brian, Andrew, Chris, Jeff and Mike from P2  all offered congratulations and mentioned that it was Matt's talent and work ethic that got him to reach his goals.  This is true, but all their hard work and help does not go unnoticed, and we couldn't be more thankful for the time they've put in with him.  We look forward to sharing that same success with all of them when its Dylan's time.

Reliza Perez, Mother of Alvin Perez, Class of 2014, Roosevelt University

Alvin has always been passionate about baseball since he was 6 years old.  Every year he travels with his friends/baseball team.  Until 2 years ago when he took us to Rhino Sports Academy.  His dream and aspirations led us into seeing his goals. His determination and hard work gave him the opportunity that he has now.

Since then, the entire Rhino staff work together to evaluate him as a player, provided him directions to focus on developing himself athletically. Thank you to Coach Greg, Coach Andrew, and Coach Stanek for always working with Alvin in improving his baseball skills.  Thank you to Coach Mike who helps him train harder than he ever has to be in his best physical shape.

We are grateful for the entire  Rhino staff guiding us through college recruiting process.  As confusing, overwhelming and nerve-wracking as it is,  Coach Brian has been instrumental for us patiently answering our questions and giving us reassurance.  I remember what he said few months ago, "This is a stressful time and a lot of things are spinning through Alvin's head, but try to enjoy the process and the right school will come".

On behalf of my family,  thank you again  for everything.  You've been great mentors to Alvin.  We are fortunate and bless for the tremendous support from everyone.

Karen Powell, Mother of Cam Powell, Class of 2014, University of North Dakota


I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the entire staff at Rhino for all that you have done for Cameron and me.  I was clueless when this journey began and I am sure that my constant texts and emails to the staff drove you crazy but you never once made me feel as though I was bothering you.

Rhino Academy has been nothing but professional, honest, genuine and extremely caring in what I can say, has probably been the most stressful process I have ever been through as a parent. The honesty and expert guidance each person provided Cameron and me has been phenomenal.

If anyone is questioning whether Rhino can help them or their son reach the next level-STOP-because there couldn't be a more attentive and professional group of coaches who actually take the time to get to know their players (and parents) personally!

We are looking forward to the challenges and exciting journey that is ahead for Cameron, but I must say we could not have gotten to this point without YOU!  

From the bottom of my heart as a mother, I thank you!

Thomas Goodyear, Class of 2013, Joliet Junior College

My family is grateful for all the guidance you continuously offered through college preperations, and we appreciate your patience with our decision making. The connections you provided are excellent.

Thank you for all that you have done and for establishing a stress free environment. You have no idea how helpful this was to us. 

Charissa Herkel, Mother of William Herkel, Class of 2013, Bellevue University

Rhino Baseball has been by far the most instrumental force in William's baseball career.

The dedication, hardworking ethics, positive compliments, and knowledge have been invaluable to him William has always had the drive to be the best pitcher he could be, but you my friends have brought him to the next level.

We as parents cannot THANK YOU enough for everything you have done for William and us. 

Ken Alexa, Father of Connor Alexa, Class of 2017

Rhinos is an organization that genuinely cares about the development of the athlete both on and off the field.

Ray Masa, Father of Noah Masa, Class of 2014, University of Illinois at Chicago

On behalf of the Masa family we would like to thank you very much for the guidance, professionalism, and dedication the Rhino organization displayed throughout Noah's college recruiting process.

It was a mildly put, a "stressful" experience for him trying to figure out the right environment to pursue his academic and baseball endeavors. But with your staff's support at hand, we are confident of his decision to attend UIC next year. 

He is looking forward to facing new challenges at UIC. He is aware of the bumpy roads ahead. But instilling the Rhino core values of responsibility, excellence, and a strong work ethic will tremendously motivate him to accomplish his desired goals.

Again, we are truly and deeply grateful!!

Kattie Bottcher & Joe Scafuri, Parents of Dylan Scafuri

Our younger son, Dylan, came to the program in year 1 and Matt came the following year so we've had the luxury of seeing the entire package the program has to offer.  That said, everything the program had promised, has been delivered.   From the development and foundation building in the youth division to the college recruiting in the HS division, we couldn't be more satisfied with the results.

Greg Blaesing not only worked with Matt as his coach, but also encourage us to push Dylan and his abilities to a higher level and is now playing a year higher than his age.  The whole staff of instructors coach to each players needs and capabilities.  Dylan had concerns that he would be compared to Matt when our older son came to the program. But never once did a coach expect more from Dylan or compared him to his older brother and treats him as an individual, which each player is and should be treated.  The instructors also form a bond with the players that you don't see in many other programs.  In addition to that, I don't think I've ever walked into either facility and not been acknowledged by the staff.

The amount of coaching and instruction is outstanding.  The Fall clinics and winter training along with the 
P2 work is more than a player could ask for, yet the players are still allowed in the facilities to get work in on their own.  And the fact that every so often an email comes out asking for feedback to improve shows the program is serious in offering and being the best.

Sue Dittmer, Mother of Aaron and Presley Dittmer

As a parent I appreciate that the boys are being taught skills that have most noticebly improved their game by a group of paid, professional coaches that are present at each session and focused on improving my sons' performance at each level.

I'm looking forward to the excitment of college recruiting and being able to utilize all the tools the Rhino organization have established to help the boys along to the next level!

I know the boys are involved in a great program because I am constantly approached by other parents wanting to know more about Rhino Baseball.


Robert LaPiana, Father of Ben LaPiana

I would like all of the Rhino management and coaches know how much my son Ben enjoys playing for Rhino Baseball. Ben has improved so much since he has been involved with the great training and coaching from all of the instructors provided by Rhino Basball.

The instructors truly enjoy what they are doing and it shows. I, as a parent, love the fact that the organiztion offers the strength and conditioning program from P2 Performance. That program really helps the boys on the diamond with more speed, better balance, and more strength.

Ben and I both look forward to another year of off-season training as well as another sucessful baseball season in 2014. 



Conor Brooks, Major League Scout with the NY Mets

Andy Zwirchitz knows what it takes to be a professional baseball player from the fundamentals to the Major League mindset. He is a knowledgeable 'in game' manager with an engaging personality and can relate to players at every level. He creates an ideal environment for young players who are looking to achieve their baseball goals. 

Robbins Family

Coach Squeeze,

It has been a great experience with you - I'm sure we'll run tino you in the future and I certainly hope it's under the auspice of furthering Matthew's  career. Your tutelage and personality are certainly somethin to behold and what has made the past few years incredibly enjoyable and fortifying, not only from a baseball perspective but most importantly from a personal human interaction standpoint. 

You're a fantastic person, a great coach, a joy to be around and - you can take this one to the bank - one of the Robbins Family's highlights of our young teenager's and parent's life!

Tim and Jane Zuck

Andy has been an excepetional pitching and hitting coach for our son, Wilson. Not only does he have an in-depth knowledge of all areas of baseball, but he has a natural way of working with kids that is very positive and motivating. We are confident that Andy will work with Wilson to improve his skills, while also putting his safety first. In turn, Wilson is eager to work with Andy and continues to love playing baseball. 

Kevin and Jeannie, Parents of Brady Stolzman, Class of 2015, Northern State University

Our son has played on baseball teams since he was 5 years old and tournament teams since he was nine. He was an average player with the determination, drive, desire to be a great player. He also has the aspirations of playing post-high school ball.

With that said, he has been taking lessons from several very good coaches in the Appeton, WI area for the past 5/6 years. These lessons have assisted in him improving overall in his baseball skill set and his knowledge. However, it wasn't until 2 1/2 years ago when he started lessons with Andy Zwirchitz "Squeeze" that he really came into a firm understanding of his positions and taking the next step to build a strong foundation of the entire approach to baseball.  

Squeeze not only worked with our son to hone in all his skills, but he brought our son to the next level playing the game. Due to Squeeze's knowledge and experience of the game, he was able to work with our son and apply all the practices and teachings he had learned to help our son move from an average player to a player who now plays for "Elite" teams throughout the Midwest during the summer months. He also receives numerous emails weekly from Colleges and Universities that range from D1's to D3's regarding their baseball programs and requesting visits. 

Squeeze's passion and love for the game of baseball shows in every one of our son's lessons and his positive attitude continues to push our son to work even harder to build his skill set, not only on the field but in the classroom as well. We realized during the past couple of years that we were not the only ones who had a vested interest in our son's future and dreams but so does Squeeze, and it shows during every one of our son's lessons.

Squeeze is definately committed to helping our son as well as every play he works with to achieve their best while reinforcing fundamental and family values. I can say without a doubt that finding a better coach and adversary for your son would be a challenge to say the least.

Thanks again Squeeze for all your support, dedication, and hard work in helping our son achieve the level of playing he is at right now and for your continued committment and drive to help him accomplish his aspirations to be a great athlete and play post-high school baseball.

Jeff Farnsworth, Former Major League Pitcher of the Detroit Tigers


I am finishing up the 18th season of my professional baseball career.

I can look back and honestly say that I would not be writing this testimonial had I never met Andy Zwirchitz. I transfered to Okaloosa-Walton Community College (Northwest Florida Community College) in 1996 where Andy was my roommate. I showed up with a fastball that was 84-88 mph during the fall. By the time spring rolled around, I was topping out at 96 mh and became the 2nd round pick of the Seattle Mariners.

These type of improvemnets are very uncommon over just a 3 month time span. People wanted to know how I did it. The only truthful answer I could give them was that I had met and worked with Andy Zwirchitz. I would gather that I always had that type of physical ability, but had no clue on how to tap into it. Andy and I worked daily on pitching mechanics and talked about what was encompassed in a correct delivery.

When I went to my first instructional league, the Mariners staff said I was the only newly drafted pitcher whose mechanics that did not have to adjust. I promise that there is nobody else who will give you better instruction on how to properly throw a baseball. I am living proof of what can happen when you tap into your true potential. If I had a son, Andy is one of the very few private instructors I would trust 100% to give him the proper instruction and information, so that he too, would have the chance to realize his true potentinal. 

Rettler Family

My son is fortunate to have a pitching coach as great as Coach "Squeeze" in the Fox Valley.

Coach Squeeze has been a great asset in teaching my son proper pitching technique, proper pre and post pitching stretches, and several new pitches. He is very knowledgable on all levels of the game and knows how to harness every child's inner strength. I really appreciate how he takes his time during each lesson to make sure the new techniques for the day are understood not only by the student but also by the parent. He also develops each player at their skill level, and cultivates the love for the sport of each and every player he coach.

Thanks for all you do for Jarrad. 

Clark Family

Before our son started pitching lessons with Andy, he lacked confidence in his ability and skills.

After lessons, he went from pitching occasionally to the starting pitcher two years in a row for his tournament team. Andy provides drills he can do at home in the house without having to find a place big enough to pitch.

The best part is our son enjoys his lessons and cannot wait to go. Andy builds a relationship with his students that cannot be beat.

Thank you Andy!