Get Yourself Some of That Weekend!

Get yourself some of that weekend!

9u Farina: 2nd place at Orland Warriors Rumble tournament. Lost to UDC 12-14 in th championship. 

13u Jesse: 2nd place at the Perfect Game Run for the Roses. Beat Elite Baseball, Sparks Black and Rake City Plantinum in pool play. Beat St. Charles Saints in bracket and lost to Spark in the championship. 

13u Murphy: 1st place at the perfect Game Run for the Roses. #GigiStrong

13u Sefcik: 1st place at the USSSA Reverse the Curse NIT. Beat Elite NWT, Mokena Blaze, Pro Player, Quad City Cannons, Top Tier Nationals and STiKS to win the ship. Boys are 24-0 on the season! Yes, 24-0. 

11u Pannozo: 1st place at the USSSA Select 30 Super NIT. Boys had to beat Indiana Bulls Grey, Midwest Select Cardinals, Indiana Bulls Black and Cincy Flames to win it all!

14u Wilson: 1st place at the USSSA JP Sports Wheeling Tournament. Boys are 17-2 on the year with multiple title runs.

11u Uldrych. First place at the bolingbrook Rampage Battle in the Brook. Boys beat Bolingbrook Rampage, Pirates Baseball, Rosell Renegades Black and New Lenox Rebels to win the ship.

That is one heck of a weekend right there. Couldn't be more proud of our players, coaches and trainers.

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