Old School Communication Goes a Long Way in Recruting - Coach Brian

Hand shake
Getting the opportunity to be the recruiting coordinator at Rhino Baseball was a very exciting opportunity for me.  There is nothing more exciting and gratifying to find a young man a college to pursue his education and baseball career at.
After learning the promotion game over the last six months, I have learned the importance of communication.  I found homes for all five of our High School Seniors this year to play college baseball.
This was huge accomplishment for myself, and it took a lot of learning, and a lot of different types of communication.  Their is a lot of great tools used today in society to communicate.  A lot of these social media tools we ourselves use in helping us promote our players from Rhino Baseball to college coaches.  We are constantly updating these social media sites, and using them to our advantage.  For myself, being on the older side, some of these social media tools were new to me.  For example Twitter, FaceBook, and Field Level.  I have never used any of them in the past.  It took me a little while, but I quickly adapted and become pretty good at using them.  I do not discredit these forms of communication at all, but I learned very quickly that a good old fashioned phone call or face to face meeting will always get you better results than social media out there today....
Going through our first round of recruiting this year, I learned that a lot of our own young men are lacking the skill of these "Old School" communication forms.  With all the new forms of social media that these boys have, they start to lose the most important skill of communicationg face to face.  We need to stress as Coaches, parents, and role models the importance of calling a Coach instead of emailing or texting.  We need to stress the importance to these young men what a proper hand shake is.  We need to stress the importance of using pleases and thank you's.  We need to stress the importance of looking another Coach in the eyes when speaking to them.  We need to stress the importance to take your hat off and batting gloves off when shaking hands or making an introduction.  These are all so important to a Coach when he is recruiting a player.  A lot of times in the recruiting game, you will be on a list with kids that all have the same stats, build, and grades.  A good polite hand shake or a good interactive phone conversation will go a long way and put you on the TOP of that list!
So next time that a Coach from another team or college shakes your hand.... Don't forget how important that moment is!

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