Rhino House

A large part of what Rhino Baseball offers its players is training throughout the entire year. 

In order to accomplish this, the management at RB believes that a top organization should have a private facility in order to fully realize and bring forth the capabilities of its players, especially in the harsh midwest weather. Because of this belief, Rhino Baseball players have their own private baseball facilities, The Ville in Romeoville, Illinois, and the Rhino House in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Each facility allows our players to gain access to the facility during non scheduled practice times. Those who are serious about baseball and want to get to the next level are the ones who put in the most time and effort. Having access as a Rhino player allows for the serious ball player to get constant work in.

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142 S. Pinnacle Dr. Romeoville, IL 60446

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"The Ville", is a brand new, 16,000 SF facility, located in Romeoville, IL. The Ville is home to Rhino Baseball as well as being P2 Performance's training location. 

Located in the facility are a total of 5 cages and a large turf area. The cages can be retracted to open a full infield space. The facility can be split into two sections which is done by a motorized curtain divider.

Having a facility with this space alllows for our recruiting coordinator to film our infielders and outfielders on their position velocities and fundamentals along with being able to record catcher's velocities and pop times. 

Tucked away nicely in the corner of the facility are two retractable hitting cages. When retracted, players can play long toss. Movable pitching mounds are also located at the facility for our pitchers to get bullpen sessions in. 

In P2 Performance's training room, there are mutiple Crossover Symetry systems that our players utilize before practice to strengthen their arms, gym equipment for workouts, and plenty of functional equipment to work on the core muscles of our players. 



W3223 Springfield Dr. Appleton, WI 54915

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The newly constructed Rhino House in Wisconsin, is a fantastic 15,000 SF facility in Appleton, WI. This facility has everything a player could want or need in a facility. 

To enter, Rhino players thumbs are scanned to allow them in even during non scheduled practice times to get extra work in. 

As you walk in, directly to the right is a players lounge where teammates can hang out before or after practice and watch TV. Located in the front area is the P2 Performance room, where players received strength and agility training by professional staff. On the opposite side of the facility is the Zepp Hitting Lab, which is a turfed room equipped with Zepp technology and a flat screen TV to break down the swing. Also in this room is the Cross Over Symetry system which is the arm care program we use to strengthen the scapular area of our players. 

Before heading into the facility there is also a conference/homework room where teams can meet to discuss plays or bunt coverages on a white board or have players get homework down before or after practice. 

Once in the facility there are two full length cages that can be used for pitching, hitting, or split into pods for hitting station work. To the right of the cages is an enclosed turf area to get fielding work in. Pull those hitting cages back and it turns the entire facility into an enclosed full length infield for live games.