What are the costs for Rhino Baseball?

Instead of charging multiple lumps sums like many programs, Rhino Baseball dues are split into 12 monthly payments to make it easier for families.

Dues cover all training aspects including; offseason training, facility membership, trainers, insurance, paid coaches for HS levels, etc.

Uniform and tournament costs are a separate cost that is collected at a later date and vary depending on each team.

Below are the dues associated with Rhino Baseball for the 2024/2025 season (prices may vary slightly year to year):

7u dues: $350 one time charge

8u dues: $250 initial payment (counts as August payment), $150 for September and $59.50 a month for October -July

9u-14u dues: $417.82 initial payment (counts as August payment), $356.02 for September and $258.40 a month for October-July

15u-17u position player dues: $452.84 initial payment (counts as August payment), $391.03 for September and $294.46 a month for October-July

15u-17u pitcher only dues: $329.56 initial payment (counts as August payment), $269.48 for September and $164.48 a month for October-July

Do players receive access to the facility for individual use?

Yes, players in our program receive a QR app which allows them to access the facility for extra work whenever nothing is on the schedule.

It is no coincidence that the best players who have come through the program are the ones who put in the most amount of work.

What does your facility look like?

Click on an area in the picture below and you will be able to “virtually” walk the facility. If you click on the “2” it will take you to the second floor, where our six full sized cages and double barrel mounds are located.

What type of training do players receive with the dues?

Rhino players receive the following throughout the year:

  • Hitting (includes mechanical, machine pitch and live AB’s, video analysis and classroom sessions)
  • Pitching (includes mechanical, live AB pitching, video analysis, J Band program and core velocity belt sessions)
  • Arm care and strengthening programs
  • Speed, strength and agility
  • Team practices
  • Classroom sessions
  • Twice a year performance testing/evaluations
  • Position specific defensive training
  • Long toss
  • Yoga

Who coaches Rhino teams?

At our youth levels (7u-14u) we utilize dad coaches. Over a decade of being a program, we have had fantastic youth coaches that are dedicated, knowledgable and great role models for our players. As a program we invest into our youth level coaches with coaching classes and practice plans.

At our high school levels (15u-18u) we have paid, professional, coaches. Majority of our coaches at these levels have either played professionally or collegiately and/or have coaches at high school or college programs and levels in the past.

Who instructs practices during the offseason?

All off our training practices for both youth and high school levels are run by professional instructors with previous MiLB or collegiate experience.

If you have a pitching session it is ran by professional pitching instructors. Same with hitting, fielding, speed, strength and agility, etc.

To see our instructor staff and their bios, please click HERE.

The youth coaches are responsible for their individual team practices throughout the offseason where they focus on team aspects leading into the season.

Do you offer speed, strength and agility?

All training that we do is part of the monthly dues, which does include speed, strength and agility.

We are firm believers that this part of training is critical in the development of players which is why it is a large part of our training regimen.

All of our strength, speed and agility sessions are run by professional instructors that have that specific background and knowledge.

Each age level is different on focus levels. For a 10 year old, for example, the focus is core strength and athleticism while a 17 year old is gaining mass and explosiveness.

Does Rhino help with the college recruiting process?

Yes we do.

Overall, we want players to take responsibility for their recruiting, but we do help with the process.

We look to educate players and their families on the college recruiting cycle and hold recruiting classroom sessions where families learn about the process.

Rhino Baseball has hundreds of college connections throughout the country where we help connect those coaches with players that we feel are right fits.

We also help with recruiting videos when the times is right for players. To see an example of the videos we do please click HERE.

As a program we are nearing 300 total college commitments since 2013.

How many tournaments do teams play in?


Each team handles their own schedule and will vary in the amount of tournaments and travel. Typically each team gets together and discusses how many tournaments they want to play in, which ones, and how many travel trips, if any.

On average, teams play in around 12 tournaments throughout the spring and summer. Most teams do not play in a league but rather play side games against teams/programs they think fit talent wise.

High School:

Rhino administrators determine schedules for each individual high school team. Tournaments are determined by a number of things including; overall team talent, college exposure, etc.

On average, our high school teams play in 7 tournaments over 8 weeks. Our high school teams do not pay in a league as players are also playing with their summer high school teams between Monday and Wednesday.

Many of the tournaments our high school teams play in are…

  • Prep Baseball Report
  • Perfect Game
  • Bullpen
  • Midwest Premier Baseball
  • Primetime
  • Pastime
  • Diamond Sports Promotions

Do you have home fields?

Many of our youth teams will host their pickup or league games at either Hassert Park in Romeoville or Inwood fields in Joliet.

Do Rhino instructors offer private lessons?

Yes, most of our instructors offer private lessons outside of standard practice sessions if that is something you are looking for.

To see our staff who offers private lessons and their contact information please click HERE.

What does the 7u program entail?

The 7u program is an introduction to travel baseball and allows for players to continue to play in-house if they choose too.

Training starts in March.

7u teams typically play on Sunday’s starting in Mid April for 9-10 weeks as well as 2-3 tournaments starting around Memorial Day and finishing around the 4th of July.

The purpose of the 7u program is to begin to teach the fundamentals of the game to get them ready for travel baseball in the coming years. 7u players also get access to the facility for extra work.